Rapalla Magnum---Purple n Black

by Jimmy Crainer
(Jones Creek, Texas)

I've always liked drag'n a Rapalla Magnum. Especially a combo purple and black colored one.

For me, its just kinda like Davy Crockett's "Ole Betsy" flintlock rifle, it just is the one that will catch if there's anything to catch.. Another good color I like is Dolphin.... Its just plain and simple and awesome lure..

Captain James:
Thank-You Jimmy for sharing your Best Trolling Lure, As Fisherman it is all about Sharing Information to make us Better Fisherman. I like your Submission and can see myself using it as a Teaser Lure right under the bubble trail {6'-8' down} behind the boat for Wahoo Trolling here in South Florida.

Here comes your lure sending off vibration for the fish to pick up, Next comes 2 poles with Lead Weights {16-48 oz} to cover the water column and 60 foot of leader, Attached to those My Favorite Lures with a Skirted Horse Ballyhoo or Mullet. Fish On..........

See you all on the Water!
Captain James

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